Rev Anne Attenburrow on the Origins of Step by Step

“Step by Step in Moray was founded in 2008 by an auxiliary Minister in the Church of Scotland, who felt strongly that a Christian calling embodied showing God’s love in action, by travelling with people during the dark times that hit all of us on our life’s journey.

As a retired Consultant Paediatrician, she hoped to enable parents who were struggling in one way or another to give their children the best possible start in life.

She realised that it was difficult to provide a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing environment for families who felt isolated, vulnerable or socially insecure in mainstream parent and toddler groups. So, the concept of smaller groups where nurturing relationships could be fostered was born.

A planning group was set up representing Health, Community Education and Social Services, other Third Sector organisations and the Church. After a successful eight-week pilot project, Step by Step in Moray obtained 3 years match funding from the Parish Development Fund of the Church of Scotland.

We were on our way…journeying step by step!”

Families of Step by Step

Becoming a parent can bring unexpected challenges, the early days of family life can be difficult and lonely. Support and friendship at this time can have lasting benefits for mums, dads and children.

Families attending Step by Step groups are isolated in different ways. These can include; post- natal depression or other mental or physical health issues, a lack of local friends or family, partners working away from home, low income and dependence on benefits, substance misuse or domestic abuse in the family.

We aim to build the confidence of parents by helping them to mix with others who share these ups and downs and finding ways to cope better and to enjoy this special time