Membership is open to:

  • Any individual aged 18 or over who supports the work of Step by Step, for example, by giving their time or a donation to the charity and which might include active and former volunteers, advisers, donors and individual partners in service delivery
  • Any corporate body which supports the aims, visions and work of the charity or is a corporate partner in service delivery
  • Employees and registered service users of the organisation are not eligible for the membership

Application for Membership

We welcome all applications for Membership from any person or organisation who supports the work and ethos of the Charity.

Prospective Members are required to sign a written application for Membership; in the case of an organisation, the application must be signed by an appropriate officer of that body.

An application received for Membership will be considered for approval by the Board of Trustees at the next Board meeting;  the Board may, at its discretion, refuse Membership to an individual or organisation.

The Board will notify each applicant promptly (in writing or by email) of its decision.


Click here for our Member Application Form

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